Attending Carebears Family Daycare


  • Monday to Friday 7AM-6PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays are negotiable
  • A minimum of 2 weeks notice will be given when I intend to take holidays

Arrival And Departure Policy

Children need to be dropped and collected at Family Day Care only by those listed on the Parent Agreement Form that is completed during the registration process.

  • Scheduled drop off and pick up times are firm, if you are running late, contact MUST be made with me or other arrangements may need to be sought due to other scheduled start times possibly being affected. Note: Late pick-up fees apply.
  • If you wish another person to pick up other than those allocated, this needs to be arranged well in advance and the person collecting must be over the age of 16 years, have photo ID and must also be known to the child.
  • Please provide details of any court orders that are in place- a copy needs to be supplied for my records and a copy will need to be supplied to the Family Day Care Business Centre ( I can arrange for this).

Absences And Holidays

Each child is allowed 42 absences each financial year.

If you plan to cancel contracted care you must give at least 2 weeks notice, otherwise you may be obligated to pay the full fee (2 week fee) as there are CCB restrictions relating to absences that occur in the last two weeks of care.

Please refer to Business Centre for further advise on this number: 1300 551 890.

What You Need To Bring

  • A change of clothes (weather appropriate).
  • Sun Hat: Broad brimmed.
  • Nappies, Wipes, Nappy cream (if required).
  • A piece of fruit to share at morning tea.
  • Healthy snacks, breakfast, lunch, tea.
  • A drink bottle, Milk bottle, breast milk, formula. (if required)
  • A favourite comforter to help settle.
Note: Make sure your child's belongings are labelled.

Toy Policy

It is recommended that no personal toys are to be brought into Family Day Care. A single item of comfort may be necessary to ease a child during sleep time. Family Day Care will not take responsibility for any loss or damage of such items.


Your child needs to be wearing suitable clothing when coming into care as children are encouraged to experience outside play, including sand and water play, with supervision.

What Is Provided

  • A safe, fun, home based learning environment to guide the natural curiosity of your child.
  • Sunscreen: Over 30+ SPF (bring your own if need).
  • Lots of child-led learning opportunities.
  • Home based play and local excursions.
  • The opportunity for your child to mix with other children at playgroups.
  • A room to sleep and rest with provided beds and indi- vidual bedding.

Our Daily Routine

At Carebears, we follow a regular daily routine. This is a guide only and may be subject to change based on individual children's needs, weather conditions and daily children dynamics.

8.00am Breakfast
8.30 am Inside/Outside Experiences
9.30am Morning Tea
10.00am Inside/Outside free play
11.30am Lunch
12.00pm Sleep/Rest time
2.30pm Afternoon tea
3.00pm Inside/Outside Experiences
5.00pm Late snack