Fees & Charges


Prior to the commencement of care a payment of bond is required. This is a requirement of all child care facilities and is not out of the ordinary. The Bond payment is variable dependant on individual contracts. This will be discussed during the initial stages and registration process. All bond payments will be recorded and maintained securely. Bond will be returned after completion of care and payment of the final invoice.

Hourly Rate

A standard hourly rate of $13.50 per hour will be charged (includes compulsory admin fee).

Weekends & Public Holidays

$25 PER HOUR PER CHILD (includes compulsory admin fee).

Note: You may be eligible for a Child Care Rebate and / or a Child Care Benefit. Please ensure you organise this prior to commencement of child care so your rebate is effective from the first day of care. I do not have up-to-date access to your benefit allowance. Therefore, you MUST notify me of ANY changes to your benefits as soon as you become aware.

Late Fee

If the parents are late to collect their children after the contracted hours of care without notifying me, a late fee of $8 will be charged every 30 minutes and the contract can be terminated.