Family Daycare Policies & National Standards In Brief

There are many FDC Policies, National Standards, and Quality Practices which I must comply with. If you wish to view them in detail, I am happy to provide them.

Healthy Food

A nutritious diet is essential for children's continuing development, health and wellbeing. The FDC has a healthy eating policy to which I must adhere.

  • I have a shared fruit at morning tea
  • Please don't bring high fat, high sugar foods

Infectious Diseases & Exclusion Practices

No children will be permitted into care if they have an infectious disease and can only return once the contagious period has passed and a doctor has given the all clear.

Illness, Accidents & Injury

When your child becomes ill or is injured, I will endeavour to protect your child from any further injury, secure medical attention if necessary, and contact you and the FDC staff at the earliest opportunity. I will perform minor treatment if an accident should occur. An ambulance will be called at your expense if the nature of the injury is more serious

Administering Medication

A Medication Authority Form is required to be completed and signed by a GP in order for me to administer medication. These instructions need to include the date, time, dose and method of administration.

First Aid & Mandatory Notification

I hold a current First aid Certificate and have completed my Child Safe Environments and am a Mandated Notifier. If for any reason I believe a child is at risk, I must report my concerns to Child youth and Family Services.

Health Support Planning

A formal Health Care Plan and Action Plan will be required if your child has a medical condition or allergies.


All equipment, toys, glass and the surrounding environment will be continuously monitored for potential hazards. Upon identification of a hazard, it will be removed, repaired or disposed of.

Water Safety

All water play equipments and water containers will be safely covered or made inaccessible to children. All paddling pools will be emptied after use.


When UV levels are 3 or higher all children are required to wear a broad brimmed sun hat and 30+ sunscreen. Children will be allowed to play in shaded areas on extreme heat days.

Emergency Procedures and Fire Drills

Smoke detectors are installed and functional. Fire evacuation drills will be carried out every 3 months and whenever a new child begins by the 6th day of care care. Please review the emergency evacuation procedure which is on my wall for your information. In any emergency, we will evacuate to the front lawn which is the designated Safe Meeting Place. It is also displayed each exit point in the house.

Administration & Confidentiality

Accurate and prompt record keeping will be maintained. Your privacy and confidentiality will be maintained at all times.


Photographs of your child will be taken with parent permission. Additional signed permission will be required before photos will be used online or in advertising.


To secure your child's place in care whilst on holiday, you are required to make payment as usual per contract.